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Custom Software Development

Building Functionality That Goes Further Than Packaged Software

Let us take your packaged software to the next level. Our enterprise application development service creates custom functionality, modeled on your processes, to make commercial software work better for your business.

Let us create a system for your business that delivers web-based access to your back office systems. With a custom portal, your customers can tap into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to check order statuses, schedule appointments, pay invoices or perform many other business functions.

Examples include:

We Start by Getting to Know Your Systems

When you engage with Eirmond Services for software development, support and(or) maintenance, we start the relationship by touring your existing processes, applications and facilities — either in person or virtually — to learn everything we need to know about your systems. We conduct an analysis of your needs and present you with a set of recommendations for an eficient and optimal software solution, support and(or) maintenance program.

Our managed services include:

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To order or learn more about how we can help your business with software solutions, support and(or) maintenance, contact us to speak with one of our expert developers.